This service covers 2 main areas

  • Consultation with respect to an existing security system
  • Consultation with respect to new installations

One of our technicians will be in touch once you requested to make arrangements to meet you. All information is treated as strictly confidential.

CCTV-installations – Both IP and Analogue

Whether you need a system for production line control at your commercial premises or a License Plate Recognition system for your neighbourhood or simply a camera system for a big property –  we’re the best choice. The equipment we use is of the highest quality with clear imagery. All our installations carry a 12 month installation guarantee over and above any individual product guarantees. You can contact Brad to set up a meeting. This meeting usually takes place at your site/premises you want to have the system installed at – we discuss your requirements, the options available and the best way to implement and install. We follow up with a quotation and once accepted we can start at a date suitable to you.

Typically IP-network systems are more pricey but proves cost effective in the long run – less maintenance is required and they are weather/vandal proof. Our analogue systems will be suitable for smaller installations – like a small size factory or even your residential property.

Electronic Security Systems

We can install and maintain

  • Perimeter Protection
    • Point-to-point Beams (long range & medium range)
    • Wide-angle outside detectors
    • Electrified Fencing (Installation, Repairs)
    • Gate Automation (remote controlled gate operators) with point-to-point beams and optional loop in the ground
  • Home alarms & Smoke sensors linked to your alarm system
    • Pet-friendly and normal motion detectors

Intercoms (Video and/or Audio)

Video intercom systems are perfect tools to add as an extra layer to your existing security systems. Being able to know who is at the door can alert your staff or family to take the right action. Combined with a proper surveillance camera system this is the ultimate in prevention of intrusion. Basic systems allow you to view onsite who is outside while the more advanced systems allows remote access and control.