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5 tips to help make your neighborhood safer

Some neighborhoods experience less crime than others, but no hood is crime free. With the recent change in routines by criminals all over South Africa, it seems time for us to become a lot more vigilant. Whether your neighbourhood is experiencing a crime wave or...

Did you know that storms and rain can damage your home security systems?

Your security systems can fall victim to a number of natural elements, Such as lightning, heavy rain, heavy wind and power surges. Many criminals are aware that the elements can damage your gate motor or disable your electric fencing. We urge you to evaluate weak...

Criminals are changing tactics in an attempt to stay ahead of home and business owners, says police and private security companies.

A very recent crime tracker released by an established South African insurance company reveals that criminals are turning their focus away from business premises and towards ‘softer’ targets, homes. The tracker looks at crimes such as house robberies, hijackings as...

Common home security mistakes we make, and how to avoid them

When it comes to home security in South Africa, we need to be vigilant. Despite being a security-conscious nation, our crime statistics are harrowing. Home robberies, invasions and attacks happen all too frequently. Research conducted by the Human Science Research...

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