About B & L Services

B & L Services is a Technical Security Solutions company aimed at developing effective and cost-efficient security solutions for businesses, homes, Sectional Title Complexes and Commercial complexes.

We do maintenance, configuration and repairs on existing security systems and do new installations.

Our technical manager is available for consultation and inspections of installed alarm and security systems.

 Our Areas of expertise:

Electrified Fencing (residential & commercial), Gate Automation (gate motors), Access Control (remotes, biometric systems), Surveillance IP CCTV, Perimeter security (beams and sensors), Intercom systems (Video and Audio, Commercial buildings and Campuses)

Why you should choose us as your service provider:

Modern living poses many challenges and your business and home security should not have to be one of them. Our technicians at B & L Services have many years of experience and are ready to develop a security solution based on your needs.

With us you are assured of personal attention when things go sideways and you need us the most.

We only install the best hardware available from reputable companies and our workmanship carries a 12-month guarantee.

With us you can rest assured that your security IS our business.


Advice and Articles

The history and uses behind Closed-circuit televison (CCTV)

DID YOU KNOW: The first CCTV system was installed by Siemens AG at Test Stand VII in Peenemünde, Nazi Germany in 1942, for observing the ...
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5 tips to help make your neighborhood safer

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Your security systems can fall victim to a number of natural elements, Such as lightning, heavy rain, heavy wind and ...
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Criminals are changing tactics in an attempt to stay ahead of home and business owners, says police and private security companies.

A very recent crime tracker released by an established South African insurance company reveals that criminals are turning their focus ...
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Common home security mistakes we make, and how to avoid them

When it comes to home security in South Africa, we need to be vigilant. Despite being a security-conscious nation, our ...
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IP CCTV, the long and the short of it…

Crime is not something we can ignore in today’s economic climate in SA, so we need to be prepared. IP ...
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Wireless home surveillance camera systems – how viable in South Africa?

What it really is and how viable in South Africa? Internet Search engine data, as well as our own experiences, ...
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Keeping the systems healthy that keep you safe.

Ensuring that high value items, like your vehicle, are maintained and serviced on a regular basis is something we don’t ...
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CCTV Camera Surveillance Systems – Like buying sweets ?

 CCTV Camera Systems – It’s just like buying sweets, isn’t it? I mean, surely you can just ask for quotes ...
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Loadshedding – Sending your alarm system battery to an early grave

"But my battery is basically Brand new !" Since the first round of Eskom loadshedding in 2008, alarm companies, and ...
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