Any home and commercial security system should be extended to include other building present on your premises. This can be garages (at your home), additional living spaces (extra flat or separate entrance), barns, warehouse & storage rooms. We have noticed an increase in break-ins into outside buildings that might not be part of the main building.

We always recommend that you include all the buildings on your property when planning your security systems – to ensure you’re covered by the insurance in the case of an incident and also to protect your valuables.

Additional things you can do to ensure the security of additional buildings on your residential or commercial property.

  1. Ensure there are no items left outside after gardening was done – like shovels, ladders and rakes.
  2. Add padlocks or normal locks to outbuilding and garage doors.
  3. Include additional buildings in your alarm system – they can be partitioned or separated via programming from the main home or office – handy in the case of tenants on your property.
  4. Add additional perimeter security in the form of electrified fencing or perimeter beams that is linked to sound the alarm when triggered.
  5. Install motion detection lights to switch on when movement is detected.
  6. Ensure the garden doesn’t provide hiding spots to possible intruders.
  7. Install or upgrade CCTV systems viewing the perimeter – modern systems can be linked to your alarm system to trigger the alarm in the case of intrusion. This is especially handy if you have a big property or need to protect areas like horse-stables, view the access point to your small-holding or farm.

Most security and CCTV systems are configured in such a way that additional zones can be added later so it just makes sense to make sure everything is covered, all the time!

We are available for assessment and recommendations of your existing systems as well as repairs.