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Wireless home surveillance camera systems – how viable in South Africa?

by | Jun 28, 2016 | Advice | 0 comments

What it really is and how viable in South Africa?


A typical wireless home cctv surveillance system

Internet Search engine data, as well as our own experiences, tells us that there are tons of home-owners looking for Wireless Home Surveillance Camera Systems. In other words, camera surveillance without the hassle and the unsightly cables.

A great concept.

Often contract workers from South Africa will run across these systems at Wallmart stores in the US and ship them over to family here. When they don’t work as expected, the poor South African installer gets blamed. We increasingly get told “look, I just need a system like this at my home in Langebaan. It works quite fine.

You see, in South Africa we build with brick and mortar. Unlike in other countries where Wireless Home Surveillance Camera kits are popular, because the signal only has to penetrate dry-wall or wooden walled structures.
These imported wireless CCTV kits are made up of fairly low-resolution devices.
Mark Kidd-Anderson of Reditron SA explains why – “ High-resolution CCTV cameras necessitate the transmitting of quite large data-packets, and combined with the low-penetration of WiFi through multiple brick walls, this leads to Wireless Home Surveillance Camera Systems being unstable under typical South African conditions”
The kits brought in by the department store chains are usually sold as Observation Kits, not proper CCTV which record motion onto a Hard Drive to be used later as a tool to identify perpetrators.

Fortunately, professional SA installers of surveillance camera systems have lots of experience at ensuring your HD CCTV installation is as unobtrusive as possible.

At B & L Services we specialise in IP and HD CCTV systems for both our domestic as well as our commercial clients.

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HIkvision IP cameras for wired surveillance