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What is Electrified Fencing and how can it protect me?

by | Jun 19, 2019 | Advice, Services

Electrified fencing is a perimeter security system consisting of an electrified steel wire installation that raises your perimeter wall height. A special component called an energizer is added to regulate the electric current.  This fence-system can be controlled remotely to activate/deactive and can be linked to activate your alarm system to alert you and your armed response monitoring service when it’s touched or damaged. This early warning system is especially effective if your property is big.

Electrified fence protecting a security complex.

Electrified fence at a residential property

Typically electrified fencing is installed at housing complexes and large free-standing properties to act as your first layer of detection.

Fences like this are part of our early-warning type security systems as these have proved to be most effective and economical to maintain. Typically an electrified fence will be the first layer of your property security, followed by either beams or outdoor detectors.

Having this system linked up with an armed response service adds to the success of this approach and can help you avoid dangerous situations.

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