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Tips to prevent burglaries during load-shedding

by | Mar 9, 2020 | Advice

It’s always a good idea to exercise some common sense when it comes to your home or business security and we want to stress that you be careful at all times. 

We have compiled a few tips to keep in mind during the load-shedding times. 

Know all emergency numbers

Don't just open doors when people ring.

Know who you employ. Insist on copy of ID document/contact details & address.

Ensure you are not followed when you approach your home/place of work.

Know your neighbours and build a relationship of mutual trust and support.

Install outdoor lighting

Keep a watchdog

Reference check your employees.

Take note of people loitering/hanging around your place of work or house.

Join a neighborhood watch

Store firearms in a safe or in a safe place.

Keep cash & valuables in a safe or a the bank.

Never leave any gates/doors/windows open

Switch lights on when you hear noises outside.

Install the best security you can afford.

Keep keys safe, not under a doormat or outside furniture.

Don't put luxury goods packaging in the trash. Destroy it properly so it's difficult to identify.