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Smartphone control for your alarm & automation services

by | May 23, 2019 | Services | 0 comments

More and more clients are opting to keep control of their home alarm system and gate/garage automation when they are away from their premises. We have 2 solutions which we have found works very well.

The Cell-Switch can be installed in your gate and / or garage door motor. This device can also turn your electrified fencing and items like pool-pumps, house lights etc on and off.

If you have a PARADOX Alarm system installed we can fit the IP150 internet module so you can operate your alarm system as well as various gates, garage doors and other electrical devices from an app on your smartphone.

Open your garage door before you arrive, open the gate for the garden or pool services or switch on and off your geyser or lighting when you’re away on holiday.

Product feature video

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