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Outdoor Detectors

by | Feb 26, 2015 | Outdoor detectors, Services | 0 comments

Benefits of Outdoor Detection

Outdoor detectors can play a crucial role in eliminating possible dangerous situations by alerting you in time of an intrusion.  It serves successfully as your first layer of protection and is especially useful on large or desolate properties where perimeter security is important. They are designed to be installed outside and can handle most weather conditions. Their range of coverage can be set from 10 m to up to 100m – depending on the brand/application you need it for. These detectors can be linked to your alarm system for chiming when you are at home or as part of your system to alert you at night when your alarm system is activated.

We make use of established brands with a good track record. These units is either wired or wireless and need to be maintained/serviced on a regular basis.

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