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Did you know that storms and rain can damage your home security systems?

by | Jun 8, 2017 | Advice

Your security systems can fall victim to a number of natural elements, Such as lightning, heavy rain, heavy wind and power surges.
Many criminals are aware that the elements can damage your gate motor or disable your electric fencing.
We urge you to evaluate weak security points and make sure your security systems are in good working order before and after a storm.
Here are some tips on how to check your security systems for vulnerability to storm damage and how to prevent it:


  • Making sure that your home is electrically compliant and surge protection is installed on the distribution board could be the difference between a tripped power supply, and a catastrophe.
  • Ensure phone lines and other cables that run outside your house are connected properly and covered by surge protection devices. This is critical to ensure that surges are safely diverted from your electronics.
  • Remove foliage around electric fences and outside motion detectors such as beams. Branches or trees falling on security equipment will cause false alarms and costly repairs.
  • Unplug devices that are prone to being struck by lightning. An alarm battery that is in a good condition should last up to 4 hours when unplugged, but remember to reconnect the 220V power when things are back online.
    Your alarm system should be fitted with a telejack adaptor if it reports via telephone. Use this to disconnect your alarm system when lightning occurs. Again, remember to plug back in when the danger of lightning damage has passed
  • Be aware of your surroundings and keep it together, criminals use your panic to their advantage. Being vigilant and becoming familiar with safe spots and protocols can determine whether you are targeted or not.
  • Try to evaluate the damage as best as you can, so that your installer may know what to fix and be able to have you secure in one visit. Call your alarm installer or armed response provider to test your systems as soon as possible.
  • Check your perimeter walls and make sure your gutters are clear for drainage. Flooding can impact the structural integrity of your property.


Do not be a statistic, stay safe and we at B & L Services would like to wish you a cosy winter!