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Keeping the systems healthy that keep you safe.

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Ensuring that high value items, like your vehicle, are maintained and serviced on a regular basis is something we don’t even think twice about.

Why not consider the systems you have invested in to protect your business interests and in many cases your family might also need regular servicing.

Besides providing peace of mind a healthy and updated security system also plays a major role when it comes to claiming from your insurance when life happened.

Security systems consists of hardware mostly – installed in strategic points around your personal space or in your business to alert you to any unwanted intruders and it’s programming/configuration to perform certain tasks and functions.

They have batteries and wiring that are prone to depletion and damage by the elements – especially if they are installed outdoors.

Alarm system batteries can last up to 2 years (without the strain of load shedding) and most systems are installed in a way to ensure you get the most out of it.

Once a year is sufficient for a normal household for a security systems service, commercial and industrial installations may need more attention, especially if there’s high volume operation involved.

Upon completion we provide feedback on the system health and will make recommendations of any upgrades necessary.

We have a regular service and maintenance plan schedule and usually do these tailor made to your system’s unique needs.

What do we do during a service?

We do a standard 3-point health check (ICT-test) , followed by a full test of the entire system to ensure correct configuration and programming.

  1.  Investigate ALL physical units (detectors, control panels, beams, cameras, computers) and wiring for wear & tear, dirt & insects, corrosion and damage.
  2. Clean all installed units/detectors/panels and refocus, re-align and reconfigure depending on your needs.
  3. Test battery levels of the back-up power, any wireless units, radios and remotes and the link to your armed response service provider.

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