Things go wrong and in most cases it’s something that could have been prevented by regular check-ups and maintenance.

You can use our handy guide below to see when it’s time to get the experts in.


Perimeter security

Electrified fencing,
Outdoor Movement detectors and Beams

Call us when…
Electrfied fence sparks & arcs or trips electricity
Outdoor detectors no longer worm properly

Gate operators

Gate motors – Swing and Slider

Call us when…
It stops working
In case of any damage to the gate, motor or track
Doesn’t work after a power failure
It makes noises

Indoor Security systems

Indoor and Undercover alarms,
(Audio & Video),
Gate locks.

Call us when…
Alarm systems stops working
Detectors don’t pick up movement
Alarm keypad displays error codes
You have changed the layout of your protected area
Any problems with your intercom system (noises,
Gate locks doesn’t work properly

CCTV systems

Close Circuit TV systems

Call us when…
You see misty camera view (lenses)
You see insect & Spider nests/webs in the view
Out of focus view
Physical connections are exposed

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