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Advances in Security Systems – the exciting possibilities

by | Jun 24, 2019 | Advice

People Counting at a seminar/conference

The advances in software and technology sure makes the security industry future looks bright and a lot safer in 2019. Security system manufacturers like  Dahua, Artego and Avigilon are entering the AI (Artificial Intelligence technology) era where features like facial recognition,  security monitoring systems using general behaviour pattern algorithms,  people counting and access control at events, property monitoring, perimeter security for businesses and farm-security.

But what does it mean for the residential home owner, security complex resident or business owner?

It’s simply a shift in application using new software on currently available security components, even existing installations. 10 years ago you’d have to continuously upgrade or replace security systems to ensure it stays current and as effective as possible. Alarm systems approached intrusions by alerting you when the perpetrator was inside your home already – too late!

At B & L Services we adopted the ‘Early Alert’ approach in 2009 and design our security systems from this point of view. You will agree it’s a lot safer to know the moment the intruder touches any part of your property.

Traffic Flow / Counting at busy intersections.

A typical suburban home security system may consist of an electrified fence, CCTV system, strategically positioned lights, remotely controlled automated entry gate and outdoor sensors. Integrating this system with the new technology you can change it into a smart security system that is built to better protect you and alert you the moment the system detects unusual behaviour.

Traffic flow predictions

Business owners can look forward to save time and money with the new technological advances. No need to replace existing systems, simply adapt by upgrading or installing new security software systems.  These systems are built to integrate and connect existing hardware. CCTV, Biometric access and Automated doors and gates.



At B & L Services you can rest assured of our full commitment to design the best system with the latest technology available on the market.

Your security IS our business!

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CCTV monitoring – Application old age homes. System alerts you when people fall