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11 Security system best practises for keeping you safe while working from home during lockdown

by | Mar 30, 2020 | Advice

During this unprecedented time of lockdown in South Africa to contain the COVID-19 virus many are unsure of what’s next. Everything is changing and we can only hope that we’ll be able to emerge stronger and intact after this pandemic is over.

Home security can be a real lifesaver (pun intended) when you’re working from home and as a registered essential services service provider we are permitted and committed to taking care of the systems that keep you safe!

Even-though we are ready and available to sort our your home security issues some of our suppliers are closed to abide by government regulations.  This means we might not to be able to source some major components if your systems should need.

Here are 11 tips to help you make the most of your security systems at home.

Have your security systems serviced

Winter is approaching and we usually see seasonal bug infestations of outdoor security sensors as insects seek warmth and shelter.

This can cause false alarms or security systems to malfunction. Please contact us on 0614040781 to sort it out.

Activate your alarm when at home

If your system cannot be set to chime, simply set the alarm on the ‘Stay’ setting. If you are unsure how to do this then please contact us on 0614040781.

Eliminate hiding spaces in your garden

Keep your garden neat and uncluttered by trimming and shaping trees, bushes and shrubs. 

Lock garage doors

Do not leave doors standing open while you are at home. This might be inviting to opportunistic criminals.

Electrified fence care

If you have an electrified fence securing your perimeter you must ensure any vegetation that might touch it or get entangled in the strands are controlled by trimming them back regularly.

Activate your security system to chime

Most alarm systems can be set to chime when they are tripped. This is especially handy for outside/perimeter detectors.

Connect with your neighborhood watch

Ensure you know who your neighbors are and how to contact them and be contacted. 

Light up the landscape at night

If you have garden & exterior lightingi installed then make sure it’s working. 

Close the curtains/blinds at night

Many intrusions happen because of the visibility of items of value. 

Keep safety gates locked

Ensure all safety gates are locked at all times. Especially when you are home. 

Add a CCTV system to your existing security systems

A CCTV system is handy for deterring possible intruders and it keeps a record the street activity. If you have a system we can service it by cleaning the cameras and adjust focus & angles. Contact our specialist to attend to this today on 061 4040 781.