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About B & L Services

B&L Services was established in February 2010 by Bradley Ruiters & Lynn Dreyer to service existing clients of NRC-technical services as well as support new business in the security industry. Listed as an independent installer at ADT working on the older type of alarm systems as well as servicing our own clients we have all the skills, knowledge and experience to ensure you benefit.

We are based in Cape Town, Southern suburbs and are available for projects all over the Western Cape area with our main field of expertise being IP network Close Circuit Television Camera systems (CCTV). We use only the best quality products backed by guarantees.


Advice and Articles

Common home security mistakes we make, and how to avoid them

When it comes to home security in South Africa, we need to be vigilant. Despite being a security-conscious nation, our ...
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IP CCTV, the long and the short of it…

Crime is not something we can ignore in today’s economic climate in SA, so we need to be prepared. IP ...
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Wireless home surveillance camera systems – how viable in South Africa?

What it really is and how viable in South Africa? Internet Search engine data, as well as our own experiences, ...
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Keeping the systems healthy that keep you safe.

Ensuring that high value items, like your vehicle, are maintained and serviced on a regular basis is something we don’t ...
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CCTV Camera Surveillance Systems – Like buying sweets ?

 CCTV Camera Systems – It’s just like buying sweets, isn’t it? I mean, surely you can just ask for quotes ...
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Loadshedding – Sending your alarm system battery to an early grave

"But my battery is basically Brand new !" Since the first round of Eskom loadshedding in 2008, alarm companies, and ...
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Car jack break-ins

Trends in burglaries Motor car jacks have been used successfully in burglaries to break burglar bars for easy access by ...
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Outdoor Detectors

Benefits of Outdoor Detection Outdoor detectors can play a crucial role in eliminating possible dangerous situations by alerting you in ...
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